A young boy, Eric, is sleeping in his bedroom on Christmas Night when a monster comes in carrying his dead mother.

Theatrical Trailer


Adam : Sonny Chatters
Eric : Daniel Stewart
Mother : Elizabeth Appleby
Monster : João Sousa Pires


Director : Rui Pedro Sousa
Producer : Ewa Habdas
Producer : Venla Santalahti
Executive Producer : Sonia Resende
Executive Producer : Rui Morgado
Written by : Rui Pedro Sousa
Casting Director : Patricia Rapaso
Director of Photography : Vittorio Sala
Music Composer : Alexander Arntzen
Sound : Luis Silveira
Editor : Renata Ramos
Costume Designer : Sarah Fichera
Art Director : Carina Gaspar
Colour Grading : Nuno Gonçalves
Make-up and hair artist : Luís Nogueira
VFX Make up : Catarina Pimentel
VFX Make up : Hugo Magalhães
1st AD : Lee Reynolds
Camera Operator : Hugo Fortes
Camera Assistant/ Follow Focus : Tiago Faria
Gaffer : Tomás Silva
Sound Assistant : Manuel Mendes
Storyboard Artist : Jake Montford
Behind the scene camera : Teresa Almeida
Assistants :
Teresa Almeida, Tânia Teixeira, André Amaral


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